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Zehn Seltene Wooden Figures China Canton 1850 Wood

Zehn Seltene Wooden Figures China Canton 1850 Wood For Sale

Condition 1) Rickshaw Right Foot Damaged, Right Bracket Of The Carriage Fork Is Missing. 2) Couple Lying On Bed Corner Of Bed Bumped 3) Spinner Spinning Wheel Thread Torn. 4) The Gentleman On The Chair Is Missing A Pen 5) Nursing Mother A Foot Is Missing From The Stool 6) The Ploughman's Foot Is Glued (see Photos) 7, 8) 2 X Women With Wind Instruments - Approx. 10 X 7.5 X 6.3 Cm. 10) Probably Rice Threshing Machine - Approx. 12.5 X 11.1 X 5.5 Cm. Condition 1) Ricksha Right Foot Damages, Right Fixture Of The Bracket Is Missing. 2) Pair On The Bed Bed Corner Sloted 3) Spinner Spinning Wheel Thread Sly. 4) Man On The Chair- A Pencil Is Missing 5) Breastfeeding Mother One Foot From The Stool Is Missing 6) Plowman - Foot Glued (see Photos) 7, 8) 2 X Ladies With Wind Instruments - App.
Sold by ilmandarin-0177 in Udaipur University Campus S.O...